As a figurative artist, painting and drawing for a living is a privilege.

Welcome to the website of Gill Del-Mace.

Surrealism, Fantasy Art, Magic Realism, Photographic Realism, Art Deco,and Art Nouveau are all art movements that have been linked to Gill's work, although she really is an individual.

Born in the United Kingdom, Gill has travelled extensively throughout her life. Living and working in different countries has given her a rich experience of culture. The art galleries, museums and theatres of the world were her favourite haunts. It was inevitable that she would become an artist. From early childhood the need to create and express were always there.

San Francisco in the mid 1970's saw the emergence of Gill Del-Mace as a professional artist. Exhibiting figurative studies in pastels and charcoal drawings gave her the drive and confidence to explore and develop her medium of choice - oil on canvas.

Over the years, through many exhibitions and commissions Gill has created a memorable cast of characters that are at once evocative, theatrical and sublime in their presence on canvas and paper.

A complex chemistry of influences and skilfully developed techniques, have combined to give us an artist of true talent and vision - a master of the medium.

Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally and are much sought after by many astute collectors.

Gill continues to create her sublime and evocative paintings. She is respected internationally as one of the world's great exponents of Magic Realism.